Previous Projects

Fossil Fuel Traps and Map Traps have been used worldwide for years now at sites such as storage tank farms, current and former refineries, chemical plants, pipeline ruptures, underground storage tank leaks, superfund sites and rail yards. As far north as Canada's Arctic and as far south as Australia, E-Flux has been providing scientists with the expert results they desire in an easy-to-deploy technology. If you have specific questions about your site or you would like a proposal, please contact us.

E-Flux's web based BioTherm will enhance your conceptual site model anywhere around the globe. Try the free version of BioTherm to better understand the thermal characteristics of your site as well as how changing local soil temperatures impact the natural attenuation. If you desire to customize thermal-related parameters for your site in order to know when the best time to test or treat may be based on the sites thermal footprint, you may do this as well. Click to learn more or to contact us regarding questions.

E-Flux Fossil Fuel Traps are the ideal solution for:

  • Identification of zones where LNAPL natural attenuation is active
  • Long-term monitoring
  • Remote or limited access sites
  • Cost-controlled budgets
  • Minimizing environmental footprint of monitoring activities
  • Documenting natural source zone depletion (NSZD)