Fossil Fuel Traps

The Natural Source Zone Depletion Monitoring Solution

Natural source zone depletion is a term that encompasses the processes that decrease subsurface light nonaqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) concentrations. These processes include sorption, volatilization, dissolution and biodegradation. Biodegradation is considered the most significant process, and is carried out by naturally occurring soil microbes that readily consume and degrade LNAPL, resulting in total contaminant mass reduction. Conditions such as temperature, water and LNAPL saturation determine the rate of LNAPL biodegradation.

The Challenge

Inland petroleum spills pose unique environmental management challenges. Although biodegradation at field sites has long been acknowledged as a viable long-term solution, the results are not easily quantified.

The Solution

E-Flux Fossil Fuel Traps measure naturally occurring biodegradation of LNAPL pollutants such as petroleum by capturing CO2 above contaminated soil and groundwater. They measure fossil fuel CO2 flux over time, allowing for a time-averaged estimate that accounts for temporal variability in site conditions. The quantitative 14C analysis eliminates modern carbon interference (ASTM D6686-12).

The FFT are constructed of sturdy, weather-proof materials, and no power source is required. Most importantly, E-Flux Fossil Fuel Traps are accurate, cost-effective tools that cause minimal site disturbance. The Fossil Fuel Traps represent more than eight years of testing and refinement, including successful deployments at sites around the world.

Using E-Flux Fossil Fuel Traps is easy.
Simply follow these instructions:

  1. Contact E-Flux to order your desired number of FFT.
  2. Deploy the FFT for 2 - 4 weeks.
  3. Send the used Fossil Fuel Traps back to E-Flux.
  4. Receive a comprehensive final report that includes:
    • sample moisture content
    • soil CO2 flux
    • fossil fuel content
    • estimated LNAPL degradation rates in gallons
      per acre per year

Customized Recommendations

E-Flux can assist you in determining the number of Fossil Fuel Traps required to achieve your monitoring goals. Contact us for a customized recommendation based on information you provide us about your site and needs.

If you desire to map your site utilizing the leading LNAPL-detecting natural source zone depletion mapping system, please view our Map Trap product page.

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